Saturday, February 25, 2012

Orion Cakes - Custard and Tiramisu

Orion is a Korean company that makes a variety of snack cakes. The Custard cream and Tiramisu cakes are probably two of the best cakes they make. Each box contains 12 individually wrapped cakes. For about $3 to $4 a box (depending on whether they are on sale), they are an awesome deal. They are comparable to American cakes like Twinkies but the portions are smaller and the cream is not as sweet. I suppose they are not "diet foods" but the nutrition information indicates that they are 100 calories or less per cake. Why eat a bag of dry pretzels when you can have cake?

In the Boston area, they are available at Hong Kong Supermarket (formerly Super 88) on Brighton Ave. They're probably at other Asian markets too. Enjoy!
Orion Cakes - Custard Cream filled - 12 in a box!

Individually packaged (0.81 oz) cake
Orion Cakes - Tiramisu flavor - 12 in a box!
Individually packaged (0.81 oz) cak

Orion Cakes - Nutrition info for Custard Cake (only 100 calories per cake!)

Orion Cakes - Nutrition info for Tiramisu Cake (only 90 calories per cake!)

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