Monday, April 25, 2011

Chinese snacks - part 1

If you go to any large Chinese supermarket (e.g. Super 88, C-Mart, etc.), your whole grocery bill should be lower than if you go to Shaw's or Stop & Shop. One of my favorite aisles is the snack section, with imported Asian sweets and snacks, all for great prices. In this post, I will review one of those snacks: Crispiroll - Latte Coffee.

Each box is only $3.49 at C-Mart, in Chinatown. There are 32 pieces in each box. According to the box, these snacks are from Taiwan and "suitable for ovo-lacto vegetarian," in case you were into that sort of thing. The cappuccino on the box looks much better than the snack, right? Well, it turns out that the snack doesn't really look as tasty as the picture. However, for $3.49, it's a pretty good snack for munching on while you have a cup of coffee. What else could you get for about 11 cents a piece? When I opened one of the packages, I could smell coffee. The "cream" on the inside is not really smooth on its own but you won't notice it because the brown outside part is crunchy. All in all, it's like a cheap and smaller version of Pirouline rolled wafers but a little crunchier and coffee flavored. Think of it as pirated Pirouline, if you will. I'd buy this again.

Nice picture on the box. Only $3.49 for 32 individually wrapped pieces.

32 individually wrapped snacks
Comparison of the real thing with the picture.
Of course the picture looks better!

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