Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Chinese snacks - Part two (Roast Duck)

Half a roast duck from Chinatown, Boston. Only $9!
While most people might not classify roast duck as a "snack," it can be. In Chinatown, look for the windows with various roasted animals hanging in the window and you'll probably find a great deal. For only $9 at most places there, you can get half a duck, roasted and chopped up into bite-size pieces with some sauce to go. With that half duck, a whole bunch of things can be prepared at home.

1. First, get the meaty breast pieces and have those as a snack or main dish with your meal. When you get home, it's probably going to be hard to resist having a piece or two as soon as you open the box and get a whiff of the roasted duck aroma. Or, if you would like to make appetizers, cut up some of the meat and use it with scallions or other vegetables for wonton appetizers (see my blog post, "Wonton wrappers - not only for wontons!"
If you ask for the duck in Chinese, they might give you the head
and all the internal organs! Otherwise, they'll probably assume that
you won't appreciate those parts.
2. Then, there are going to be some bony parts, like the neck and rib section of the duck. In the picture above, there's a head and a bony piece on the left. Keep those because you can use those to make a tasty duck broth. Just boil the bones in some water with some scallions and whatever you'd like to add. Take the bones out and strain it if you think there are still some pieces of bones in there. The skin is tasty so leave that in there.  For a more fancy version, check out eHow. Here are some dishes you can make with duck broth:
  • Add noodles and vegetables to the broth to make a noodle soup dish.
  • Use the broth as a base for dumpling (or other) soup. Whatever you would make with chicken broth, you could probably make with duck broth.
  • Braise vegetables with the broth.
  • Use the broth to make polenta.
  • Instead of using water, use the broth to make rice.

The head and internal organs, ready to store in the freezer.

For more inspiration, here are some websites that feature duck broth:

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