Saturday, August 25, 2012

Mac & Cheese

Mac & Cheese is a dish that's almost as convenient as packaged ramen noodles. It requires a little more time than ramen noodles but is probably a little closer to "comfort food" than the ramen. However, a box of mac & cheese is basically a box of carbs and you need to add some stuff to it if you want to make a healthier and more balanced meal. It's a pretty flexible meal, so whatever is in your fridge will probably be a nice addition to the cheese sauce. Some examples are: a handful of frozen vegetables, mushrooms, bacon & diced onion, or egg & scallion. If you want to be extra fancy, dump the finished mac & cheese into a baking pan, sprinkle some crushed potato chips and shredded cheese over it, and broil it until the cheese is golden brown.
O'Day's brand, only 50 cents at the Save-a lot!

Once you mix in some veggies, bacon, other meat, and whatever, the taste of the mac & cheese will not be very important in the overall dish. So, if you're planning on using mac & cheese as a "foundation" for the rest of your meal, just get the cheap stuff. Make it healthy by adding veggies and beans. Actually, bean chili is a tasty addition and you'll get your daily intake of fibre quite easily.
Mac & Cheese brands: O'Day's, Trader Joe's, and CVS
How different are these brands of mac & cheese? See for yourself:
Nutrition labels for O'Day's, Trader Joe's, and CVS brands

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