Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Triple Eatery - Jamaica Plain

Triple Eatery on Foodio54
This is the first in a series of good places to eat in Jamaica Plain. I had a Buy With Me deal for Seamless Web (which is pretty cool, by the way) and decided to try Triple Eatery because it looked like the better choice for Chinese food. With 132 regular items, 4 "Health Diet" items, and 26 House specials, you're sure to find something that will satisfy everyone in the house.

Triple Eatery on Urbanspoon
I ordered the Triple Delight House Special ($9.50), small Spicy Hot & Sour soup ($1.95), Fried baby shrimp ($5.25), and spicy Szechuan dumplings in hot oil ($4.25). The only reason I got so much was because the Buy With Me deal was for $20 worth of food. The only item I would not order again is the shrimp, just because I was expecting a lighter batter. They were tasty but not my kind of thing. On the upside, the shrimp came with a creamy sauce that could be used on a sandwich (e.g. a Reuben). The soup had a kind of spiciness that strengthened as I ate it. At first, I thought it was quite tame but eventually, I imagined that it could slap your sinuses around if you had a cold or stuffy nose. The dumplings were actually a larger portion than I had expected for the price. They were tasty and would be good in a noodle soup too. The highlight was the house special, which was the most expensive but also the largest portion. It had shrimp, beef, chicken, and veggies in a tasty sauce. That dish alone was enough for at least two people (or maybe one big football player). If you make your own rice and order a couple of house specials, that's enough food to feed at least four people (who are not football players).

So, if you have a group of people and need a lot of tasty food for about $5 to $10/person, try Triple Eatery. The video below is a brief scooter ride along Hyde Park Avenue and Cummings Highway to Triple Eatery. Enjoy!

Shrimp, House Special, Hot & Sour Soup, and Szechuan dumplings
I've ordered from Triple Eatery many times...
Happy Family - beef, pork, shrimp, chicken, and veggies

Eggplant in garlic sauce (left) and family style tofu (right)
Family style bean curd

broccoli with garlic sauce
Fried chicken

Fried chicken with shrimp fried rice
Dip the scallion pancake in the hot & sour soup!
Scallion pancake cut up for you 
Scallion pancake and hot & sour soup
Hunan shrimp lunch special includes soup

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