Tuesday, March 1, 2011

BMS Paper Company - Jamaica Plain

While the name of the place might not sound like they sell food, they do! BMS Paper Company is actually a large warehouse-type store that serves catering companies. Recently, they were featured in a clip on NECN. However, anyone can go in there and buy whatever they want. Unlike Costco or BJ's, there is no membership fee or anything like that. So, what can you get there?

Today, I got a pound of butter ($2.99) (equal to 4 sticks but in one big block), 3 Litre bottles of ginger ale (on sale, 3 for $1), a 5 lb bag of 1/2 - oz frozen meatballs ($14.99), 100 chicken bouillon cubes ($5.99), a 40 oz bag of frozen corn ($2.79), and a double shot glass ($0.99). If you buy bouillon cubes from the supermarket, they're about $4 for only 25 cubes. The meatballs are not only a great bargain, they're also fully cooked and very tasty. If you'd like bigger meatballs (twice the size of the ones in the larger bag), they have 1lb bags for $4.69.

So, now that I have all this stuff, perhaps it would be helpful to suggest ways to use up those bouillon cubes, the bag of corn, and the meatballs.

1. If you have noodles or pasta, make a chicken broth with a bouillon cube and make a noodle soup. Add 5 to 10 meatballs (depending on how hungry you are) and some frozen corn to the broth while it's simmering. When the broth comes to a boil again, add your cooked noodles and let it heat up again. When it's bubbling, take it off the stove and serve. The bouillon cubes are also a good way to create a chicken broth base for soups and casseroles.

2. The meatballs are good for spaghetti and meatballs. Just get your favorite jar of tomato sauce and some pasta from the store and you're all set. To be extra fancy, add some Italian herbs (e.g. oregano, basil, etc.) and grated parmesan cheese. By the way, BMS also has very large containers of herbs, in case you want those. You'll save quite a bit if use a lot of herbs and spices at home.

3. Adding corn to whatever you are cooking (e.g. the noodle soup) is an easy way to get some fibre and vegetables in your diet. For breakfast, if you are making hash browns, throw in a handful of frozen corn. If you like broccoli and cauliflower, BMS also has bags of mixed veggies, green beans only, and broccoli only. The advantage of using frozen veggies is that they won't rot in your fridge and you won't feel like you have to use it right away.

One of the more recent new products at BMS is the feta cheese. They have a slab and a box of crumbed feta chunks. The other cheeses in the refrigerator case are American, provolone, and mozzarella. Those come in cubes, slices, and shredded forms. The feta might be a good amount for a regular household of 3 or more people but the other packages of cheese are quite large. However, if you are planning on making a large lasagna or having a party, the packages would be perfect. Cheese also freezes well so you don't have to waste any leftovers.

BMS Paper Company is on Washington Street between Green street and Williams street in Jamaica Plain. They have a small parking lot and it's within walking distance to Green Street station (orange line).
Here's the yelp review with a map: http://www.yelp.com/biz/bms-paper-supply-jamaica-plain

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