Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Same Old Place - Restaurant Review - Jamaica Plain

On Centre Street in Jamaica Plain, there are a few places where you can get really good pizza. There's the Real Deal with their fancy combinations and the JP House of Pizza on the other side of the street. Same Old Place is unique just because their pizza is tasty without anything fancy on it. The guy making the pizza is visible from the front window so you can watch the whole pizza-making process. However, he might get a little creeped out if you actually stand there staring at him while he works...
Yup, that's the window where you can stare at the pizza guy...

If you look at their menu page profile, you'll see that they're open early at 7 a.m. for breakfast until 11 p.m. and their menu is quite long. In addition to their pizzas, they have various types of burgers, subs, pastas, and sandwiches. They also serve beer. You can tell they have a loyal following from the friendly banter between the customers and the people behind the counter. There was a shooting in late 2010 at Same Old place and the JP community came out in support a few days later by having a peace vigil even though it was cold and windy. I suppose JP is just a very cool neighborhood too.

The last time I went there, I finally ventured into the room that's at the back of the restaurant, to the right. There's a large TV on the wall so you can watch TV while you're eating your meal. The restroom is in the back corner and it's very clean. I liked sitting at the large table with the bench, facing the TV. The place was about half full but it didn't seem loud and I could hear the news clearly. I had the cheese pizza combo, which includes 2 cheese slices and a small 12 oz soft drink. It was a little too much pizza for me. I usually get just one slice and a small drink. The slices are pretty big but the crust is very thin and topped with plenty of cheese.

Anyway, this place is great for poor students who want some great comfort food at almost any time of the day. A slice  and a soda is under $5 and there are all kinds of other things to eat for less than $10. Go try it!
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