Sunday, May 8, 2011

Chinatown snacks - part 3 (Black rice noodles)

If you go to C-Mart in Boston's Chinatown, the noodle selection is quite impressive. Besides the fact that they have fresh rice noodles and various types of fresh wheat flour-based noodles in the refrigerated section, they have a wall of dried noodles. As I scanned the wall for something unique, I found a package of black rice noodles. Unlike the Italian black pasta, which is just regular pasta colored with squid ink, the Asian version is just made with black rice (and no ink). The lack of a dye means that it won't turn your broth too dark if you want to make a noodle soup with it. Here is the package of the dried pasta:
Only $1.79 - there are 5 bundles in each package.
I'm not sure why there's a picture of regular soba noodles, which are made of buckwheat, on the package. Whatever.

And here it is after it has been cooked in the broth:
The broth was just water, a chicken bouillon cube, tofu cubes, duck chunks, and mild miso.
The taste is unique and a little different from regular white rice noodles. It's pleasant and a really cool alternative to other types of noodles. Try it!

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