Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Chinese snacks - Part three (Choco Rolls)

Choco Roll is a relatively new snack from Taiwan. Online, they're $2.41 a box (as of July, 2011). I saw it on the shelf during my recent trip to C-Mart. It was $1.99 for a box (7 individually wrapped rolls) and looked promising. This comes in taro flavor too. For review of that, click here. For the pudding flavor, here's a picture and a review of my first impressions:

My fingers are covering "Product of Taiwan"
The chocolate by itself was not wonderful. However, in combination with the "pudding" and the cookie center, it was ok. Even after leaving it out at room temperature for a day, the center did not get soft like pudding. I guess it tasted a little like vanilla pudding. The best part of this snack is the texture. I liked the crunch of the cookie. However, the chocolate could have been better made. It had an almost waxy texture that wasn't particularly pleasant. Maybe the kids would like it.

The picture on the box really raises one's expectations a little too high for those of us who have had pudding and good chocolate. It's sweet but not in the North American way. I think people who enjoy the lower amounts of sugar in Asian sweets might enjoy this enough to buy it. Overall, I'd give this snack a 3/5. If you want an Asian snack with a good chocolate coating, go for the Japanese snacks.

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