Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Cambridge & Thames Viennese style cream wafer rolls - review

Recently, I found these tasty Cambridge & Thames wafer rolls in Jamaica Plain, MA. The snacks are made in Greece and the ingredient list looks pretty good (no high fructose corn syrup or complicated-sounding things). They're very tasty and only $1.69 a can. There are 17 rolls in each package. They are available in two flavors: Vanilla and Cappuccino. Each can has an inner metal lid with a pull-tab so the snacks stay fresh until you open the can. The plastic lid is reasonably tight but it's nice to have that extra seal on the can.

When you bite into these wafer rolls, the texture is very light and flakey. The cream is sweet and complements the wafer perfectly. Of course the cream is not very moist or else it would make the wafer soggy. Ideally, these would go with a nice cup of coffee or tea because the cream is actually quite sweet after you eat a couple of these. They might go well with ice cream too. If you want to get fancy, these could be cake decorations.

Since this blog is for the frugal-minded, I'd like to mention that the can is not only small enough to stash away in a small compartment of your backpack, it's also durable enough to reuse! These cans are probably recyclable but if you need a strong container for storing things, this can is surprisingly well made. There's one in my scooter's cup-holder for putting little things like a small cloth and a pen. I suppose if you had office supplies (e.g. paper clips, pens, etc.) or small workshop materials (e.g. nails, nuts, bolts, etc.), these cans would be ideal for organizing those too.

Cappuccino and Hazelnut flavors

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