Sunday, December 18, 2011

Bagelville - the place to get huge bagels!

I had a groupon for Bagelville and finally had to use it because it was about to expire. It was worth $14 and I ended up getting a dozen bagels with a container of scallion cream cheese. I couldn't believe how large the bagels were! And, the cream cheese was really smooth and tasty. If you don't like bagels, try their cream cheese. It looks like they make it in-house because it's fresh and has an expiry date. I've only tried the scallion flavor but would like to go back to try their other cream cheese flavors. Here are some pictures of the bagels and the scallion cream cheese. Check out how large the bagels are!
Scallion cream cheese from Bagelville

Vegetable bagel on top. Bottom one was multi-grain, I think.

Plain bagel

Whole wheat?

Chocolate chip bagel with a bite out of it...

Sesame bagel

Asiago bagel
 The bagels are $1.41 a piece or $9.95 for a baker's dozen. It's located in Quincy Market right now (Dec. 2011) because Market Place at Faneuil Hall is under construction.
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