Friday, June 15, 2012

Save-a-lot - American Legion Highway, Roslindale

One of the places that I wasn't able to reach easily before I had a scooter was the Save-a-lot on American Legion Highway in Roslindale. There's a strip mall there and if you're in the mood for Popeye's Chicken after getting your groceries, you're in luck! Popeye's is usually busy and I've never seen it completely empty. The staff there are very friendly too.

Anyway, the point of this post is the Save-a-lot. It's not the best supermarket in the area but I bet it's the cheapest. They have everything you need but not necessarily brands you'd see at Roche Bros or Stop & Shop. However, they also have some cool things you might not find easily elsewhere too. For example, they sell plantains and plantain chips. They also always seem to have habanero peppers there, if you can handle that level of heat. If you want to try goat meat but don't want to trek down to haymarket, Save-a-lot also carries goat chunks (ready for stewing) sometimes. I've never had any problems with the meat there. They have all the standard stuff you'd find elsewhere but don't have fancy things like filet mignon or stuff like that. I've gotten a pork loin there and it was great.

Frankly, I go there mainly for the produce and meat. If I remember, I'll get some plantain chips. The frozen foods there are also good deals and there's plenty of cheap bread too. If you're a poor student, this is a good supermarket to load up on basic pantry items. If you need mac & cheese, they carry a brand called "O'day's" for about 50 cents a box or less, depending if it's on sale or not.

Last note: remember to bring your own plastic bags because they will charge you 11 cents for one.

Here's a video that show you how to get there from Forest Hills:
Update: (July 2012) They have repaired Walk Hill St. and it's a nice ride now.

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