Friday, May 25, 2012

J.P. Licks - JP stands for "Jamaica Plain"!

J.P. Licks started in Jamaica Plain and I feel lucky to live so close to their very first location and flagship store on Centre Street in JP. It might not be the cheapest ice cream in the world but even for a poor student, it's an affordable treat. After going to Same Old Place for a pizza slice, JP Licks is the perfect place to go for dessert, as if the pizza didn't raise your cholesterol levels enough. If you're lactose intolerant, JP Licks actually has lactose-free ice cream and some sorbets. There are usually only a couple of lactose-free flavors and a couple of sorbets to choose from but it's better than nothing. They also have frozen yogurts (soft and hard types), which opens up more options for some lactose-intolerant people because those probably have a bit less lactose in them than regular ice cream. I especially like the peanut butter soft-serve frozen yogurt.

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In addition to their ice creams and frozen yogurts, they also roast their own coffees and you can buy the beans too. Since I roast my own coffee, I don't buy their beans but sometimes have a cup there with my ice cream. Try putting a spoonful of vanilla ice cream (instead of cream and sugar) in the coffee. If you're there at the right time, the coffee roaster will be roasting the beans at the back of the store and you can watch the whole process. It smells good for a while but after about 5 minutes, it doesn't smell so good.

Recently, they have introduced some coconut milk ice creams. Um, yeah, I was making those at home last summer. I'm glad they finally figured it out though. :) If you're wondering how you can make your own coconut milk ice cream, check out my blog post from last year on making non-dairy ice creams.

Most recently (May 2012), they've released a few hemp ice cream flavors. I tried the one with peanut butter and it was a bit too sweet for my taste. I could definitely taste the hemp though. The pure hemp flavor was less sweet and pretty good. Maybe I'll try making my own hemp ice cream at home this summer. The thing about hemp products is they're more expensive than soy or coconut products. A quart of hemp milk is usually just under $4, compared to about $2 or $3 for a quart of soy milk or dairy milk. Still, you can make quite a bit of ice cream with a quart of hemp milk.

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