Sunday, May 20, 2012

Scootin' in Boston - Bentley to Cleveland Circle

In this video, the Poor Student scoots from Bentley to Cleveland Circle (in Chestnut Hill), passing through Waltham, Newtonville, and Newton. To make your tour more interactive, the video has been annotated (as of July 7, 2013) so that you can click on annotated links within the video if you want to turn right onto the Hammond Parkway or Hammond Street. The new videos will open in new windows. This is the route (start from the top-left):

Start at Bentley University
The video starts with a brief tour of the Bentley campus and a trip to the gas station to pump gas. If you've ever wondered what pumping gas into a scooter looks like, check this video out! The Poor Student also shows you which roads are messed up and which ones are well-maintained. Enjoy the ride!

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