Thursday, May 17, 2012

Scootin' in Boston

The Poor Student just got a Tachyon helmet camera and can't wait to scoot all over Boston with it! Below, the first two scootin' videos are posted. The first one is going from Jamaica Plain to Super 88 in Allston/Brighton and the second one is the return trip. Check 'em out!

This video series is intended be useful for new students coming to Boston, people who are curious about what Jamaica Plain and other places look like, tourists, people thinking of getting a scooter but don't know what it might feel like to ride one, people who used to live in Boston and would like to see how the place has changed, and anyone else who is too lazy to ride down the streets of Boston themselves. The map of the routes is posted under the videos below. The Poor Student points out various places on the streets too in the commentary.


JP to Super 88

Super 88 to JP

Start at the bottom right for the trip to Super 88.
The second line is the difference in the return trip.

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